I am a researcher, educator, and artist born in the charming city of Porto, Portugal. With an interdisciplinary education, ranging from International Relations, Media and Communication to the Arts, I have a BA in International Relations (University of Minho) with a focus on cultural diplomacy, an MA in Communication Sciences with a focus on arts and cultural communication (University of Porto), and a Ph.D. in Digital Media with a focus on immersive media, social change, and creativity (University of Porto and Stanford University).

My research, teaching, and creative activities are largely interdisciplinary, combining areas such as digital and emergent media, communication and performing arts, and with a strong focus on immersive media (VR, AR, MR), participatory and collaborative practices, practice and arts-based research, creativity studies, innovation in education, and social impact 

I have taught and developed scientific, creative and consultant activities in countries such as Spain, UK, Germany, Norway, Albania, China, and the USA.

I'm currently a researcher and assistant professor at the University of Passau (Germany), developing work at the crossroads of media and communication, arts, new technologies, and innovation in education. At the same university, I have founded the Future Media CoLab, a collaboratory focused on immersive media and related technologies. I'm also an invited researcher and digital media artist at the Experimental Laboratory of Intermedia Art of the University of Madeira (Portugal) and Agency_VR - Medialab en Matadero (Spain). Moreover, I'm the co-founder of the XR theatre collective La Cuarta Pared VR [The Fourth Wall VR], as well as the director and editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Cinema & Territory and member of the editorial board of the journal Media Practice and Education. Outside academia, I have relevant professional experience in the field of corporate and cultural communication in diverse areas within the creative and cultural industries, and I regularly act as a senior consultant, instructor and keynote speaker in areas such as immersive media and all things "metaversical", digital and performing arts, and innovation in science communication.


Within the arts, I am an experienced actor and pianist, with professional experience in theatre plays, film, voice acting, and live music performances, but also a digital media and performance artist, with a strong focus on theatre and performance in virtual reality, 360-degree filmmaking, experimental media and performance installations, participatory art projects, and artivism.

Keywords: virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 360-degree video, metaverse, digital media production, theatre and performance, immersive theatre, experimental art, video art, avant-garde film, music, ASMR, digital arts, journalism studies, arts-based science communication and public engagement, collaborative and community practices, social and cultural change, innovation in education, emergent pedagogies


LECTURER IN XR AND PERFORMING ARTS - Inmersiva XR and The Spanish Ministry of Culture (Madrid, Spain). 2022 - currently


INVITED LECTURER IN IMMERSIVE MEDIA THEATRE - Virtual Voyagers Academy and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid, Spain). 2022 - currently


ASSISTANT PROFESSOR - Centre for Media and Communication at the University of Passau (Passau, Germany). 2021 - currently

FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR - Future Media CoLab - Centre for Media and Communication at the University of Passau (Passau, Germany). 2021 - currently

DIRECTOR AND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Cinema & Territory (scientific journal) University of Madeira (Madeira, Portugal). 2021 - currently

CO-FOUNDER, XR PERFORMER, AND RESEARCHER  - La Cuarta Pared VR [The Fourth Wall VR] (Madrid - Spain) 2021 - currently

MEMBER OF THE EDITORIAL BOARD - Media Practice and Education (scientific journal) Taylor and Francis (UK). 2021 - currently

INVITED RESEARCHER AND MEDIA ARTIST - University of Madeira – Experimental Laboratory of Intermedia Art (Madeira - Portugal). 2019 - currently

RESEARCHER AND MEDIA ARTIST - MediaLab en Matadero - Agency_VR (Madrid, Spain). 2020 - currently


REVIEWER - SAGE Publishing (California - USA). 2018 - currently

REVIEWER - Taylor & Francis Group (UK). 2021 - currently

REVIEWER - MDPI Group (Switzerland). 2021 - currently

INVITED ASSISTANT PROFESSOR - University of Porto – Faculty of Engineering (Porto, Portugal). 2021 - 2021

RESEARCHER - SYSTEC - Research Center for Systems and Technologies, University of Porto – Faculty of Engineering (Porto, Portugal). 2021 - 2021

SCIENCE COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT - Shaping4youth - EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology

(Porto - Portugal) 2020 - 2021

TEACHING ASSISTANT - University of Porto – Faculty of Engineering (Porto, Portugal). 2017 - 2021

DOCTORAL RESEARCHER - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology UT Austin|Portugal Digital Media Doctoral Program (Porto, Portugal). 2016 - 2021

CREATIVE CONSULTANT - Cyber-Physical Production Systems 101 - EIT - European Institute of Innovation and Technology (Porto, Portugal). 2020

GUEST LECTURER - European University of Tirana – Faculty of Humanities, Education, and Liberal Arts (Tirana - Albania). 2019

DOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOW - Universidad Carlos III - Department of Journalism and Audiovisual

Communication (Madrid - Spain). 2019

GUEST LECTURER - University of Passau – Centre for Media and Communication (Passau - Germany). 2018

COMMUNICATIONS AND EXTERNAL RELATIONS ASSISTANT - São João National Theatre (Porto, Portugal). 2014

HEAD OF COMMUNICATIONS - Porto Paralelo (Porto, Portugal). 2013 - 2014

GRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOW - University of Porto (Porto, Portugal). 2013 -2014

PUBLIC RELATIONS - Adriano Ramos Pinto Vinhos S.A. (V.N.Gaia, Portugal). 2013


JAZZ PIANIST- Galerias de Paris (Porto, Portugal). 2010 - 2018