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about me 

"In my boyhood, there were so few cameras that everyone knew who had them. I had a borrowed one. And it was with it that, very early on, I started to become interested in photography (...) From then on, my lens was never satisfied with the bread and butter  portraits. And everything has served me: landscapes, flowers, animals, and the seasons of the year and of man." 

António Reis Baía, aka grandpa (1986)

Much like my grandfather, a great photographer that through the lens of his old cameras found the beauty in the mundane, I too seek to find the unexpected beauty in the intersection of diverse worlds. From combining an objective business and entrepreneurial mindset with artistic and creative practices to making use of technologies like virtual reality and other emergent technologies and tools to generate an impact on society or by testing new approaches to innovation in education, "everything has served me". As a leader, educator, researcher, and artist, that is my goal: to bring down boundaries and encourage disciplines to learn from each other. To find creative solutions through imaginative interdisciplinary collaboration.


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - Utopia Academy - Utopia Voyagers (Madrid, Spain and Los Angeles, USA). 2022 - currently

COURSE DIRECTOR - LIVE PERFORMANCE IN THE METAVERSE - MIAT Multiverse Institute For Arts & Technology (Milan, Italy). 2022 - currently

FOUNDER, STAGE DIRECTOR, AND VR ACTOR  - La Cuarta Pared VR [The Fourth Wall VR] (Madrid - Spain). 2021 - currently

DIRECTOR AND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Cinema & Territory (scientific journal) University of Madeira (Madeira, Portugal). 2021 - currently

MEMBER OF THE EDITORIAL BOARD - Media Practice and Education (scientific journal) Taylor and Francis (UK). 2021 - currently

INVITED RESEARCHER AND MEDIA ARTIST - University of Madeira – Experimental Laboratory of Intermedia Art (Madeira - Portugal). 2019 - currently


REVIEWER - SAGE Publishing (California - USA). 2018 - currently


REVIEWER - Taylor & Francis Group (UK). 2021 - currently​​​​​

REVIEWER - MDPI Group (Switzerland). 2021 - currently

LECTURER IN XR AND PERFORMING ARTS - Inmersiva XR and The Spanish Ministry of Culture (Madrid, Spain). 2022 - 2022


INVITED LECTURER IN LIVE ENTERTAINMENT IN THE METAVERSE - Virtual Voyagers Academy and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid, Spain). 2022 - 2022


ASSISTANT PROFESSOR - Centre for Media and Communication at the University of Passau (Passau, Germany). 2021 - 2022

FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR - Future Media CoLab - Centre for Media and Communication at the University of Passau (Passau, Germany). 2021 - 2022


RESEARCHER AND MEDIA ARTIST - MediaLab en Matadero - Agency_VR (Madrid, Spain). 2020 - 2022

INVITED ASSISTANT PROFESSOR - University of Porto – Faculty of Engineering (Porto, Portugal). 2021 - 2021

RESEARCHER - SYSTEC - Research Center for Systems and Technologies, University of Porto – Faculty of Engineering (Porto, Portugal). 2021 - 2021

SCIENCE COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT - Shaping4youth - EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology (Porto - Portugal) 2020 - 2021

TEACHING ASSISTANT - University of Porto – Faculty of Engineering (Porto, Portugal). 2017 - 2021

DOCTORAL RESEARCHER - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology UT Austin|Portugal Digital Media Doctoral Program (Porto, Portugal). 2016 - 2021

CREATIVE CONSULTANT - Cyber-Physical Production Systems 101 - EIT - European Institute of Innovation and Technology (Porto, Portugal). 2020

GUEST LECTURER - European University of Tirana – Faculty of Humanities, Education, and Liberal Arts (Tirana - Albania). 2019

DOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOW - Universidad Carlos III - Department of Journalism and Audiovisual

Communication (Madrid - Spain). 2019

GUEST LECTURER - University of Passau – Centre for Media and Communication (Passau - Germany). 2018

COMMUNICATIONS AND EXTERNAL RELATIONS ASSISTANT - São João National Theatre (Porto, Portugal). 2014

HEAD OF COMMUNICATIONS - Porto Paralelo (Porto, Portugal). 2013 - 2014

GRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOW - University of Porto (Porto, Portugal). 2013 -2014

PUBLIC RELATIONS - Adriano Ramos Pinto Vinhos S.A. (V.N.Gaia, Portugal). 2013


JAZZ PIANIST- Galerias de Paris (Porto, Portugal). 2010 - 2018


With a core education in digital media, communication, arts, and international relations as the backbone, I'm constantly upskilling and reskilling aiming at bringing new skills to the table and recycling old ones to optimize my performance. In the past few years, I have done courses and specialized training in areas such as business internationalization, special needs education, theatre directing, art and aesthetics of digital narrative, immersive media, filmmaking, and multimedia for performing arts.

PhD in Digital Media, with a major in Industry, Publics and Markets (thesis on immersive media, social change, and creativity)  |  University of Porto - UT Austin|Portugal Digital Media International Collaboratory, in collaboration with Stanford University (Portugal and USA)  |  2021

MA in Communication Sciences, with a major in Culture, Heritage and Science (thesis on theatre studies, performance analysis, and arts and cultural journalism)  |  University of Porto (Portugal)  |  2015

BA in International Relations, with a major in Diplomacy  | University of Minho (Portugal)  |  2011

Diploma in Theatre Acting  | Contemporary Performing Arts Academy (Portugal)  |  2014

Diploma in Teaching and Pedagogic Skills  | Arts and Sciences Institute of Porto (Portugal) |  2011

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