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I am an interdisciplinary university professor, researcher, and artist with an unwavering passion for extended reality (XR) and interactive media, along with their boundless potential to connect with broader society. I hold a BA in International Relations, majoring in Diplomacy and International Negotiation, a Professional Acting Diploma, an MA in Communication Sciences, and a practice-based Ph.D. in Digital Media. The latter was completed in collaboration with the University of Porto and Stanford University, focusing on XR and creative processes.

At the university, I spearhead the creation, implementation, and teaching of advanced learning programs, as well as conduct cutting-edge research in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), web3, arts, communication, and other domains. With a diverse artistic background spanning professional acting, music, and multimedia art for over 10 years, I have been developing a creative portfolio at the intersection of digital media, VR, performance, experimental music and film, and art installations. Simultaneously, I often supervise the production of live performances, entertainment, and cultural experiences that employ state-of-the-art XR technologies, such as motion capture and virtual production.

Having prior experience in digital media and the arts and cultural industry, including executive-level positions, and involvement in multidisciplinary teams collaborating with brands such as Loewe, Nvidia, AMC, Orange, Vodafone, Telefonica, and MasterChef, I regularly share my knowledge in XR, digital media, communication, the arts, and their interconnected fields across various sectors. In this sense, I serve as a senior consultant, instructor, and keynote speaker, assisting organizations in identifying and outlining innovative digital strategies.

Currently, I am an Invited Assistant Professor at both Universidad Complutense de Madrid and NOVA University of Lisbon, where I share my expertise in digital and emerging media at the postgraduate level. I also lead research on emerging media and communication as part of the Innovation on Digital Media research lab at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. As the Course Director for the "Live Performance in the Metaverse" masterclass at the Multiverse Institute for Arts & Technology (MIAT) in Milan, I mentor students in designing and executing live performances using VR and other innovative technologies. Additionally, I am the founder, stage director, and VR actor of La Cuarta Pared VR, a pioneering virtual reality theater collective that explores live acting and performance in virtual realms.

Recent awards and special achievements include receiving a Seal of Excellence from the MSCA Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2021 for my groundbreaking project aimed at enhancing science communication through immersive media arts. As a published author in leading scientific journals and the Director and Editor-in-Chief of the academic journal Cinema & Territory, as well as a member of the editorial board of Media Practice and Education, a Q1 scientific journal published by Taylor and Francis, I continue to contribute to scholarly discourse.

My professional experience in the fields of research, education, and cultural and creative industries leads me to regularly act as a senior consultant, creative and business mentor, educator, and keynote speaker in areas such as immersive media (VR, AR, MR), digital media, communication, innovation, digital and performing arts, and entertainment.


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