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I am a creative deviant searching for what is yet to come at the crossroads of technology, education, research, arts, entertainment, and business. For the past 10 years, I have been studying, creating, and building up expertise in the fields of XR, research and education, and digital and performing arts.

I'm currently living in the soul-stirring city of Madrid where I'm Executive Director at Utopia Academy, the academic sphere of Utopia Voyagers, which is part of UTOPIA, a Los Angeles-based company founded by Eva Longoria, Alejandro Sáez, María Bravo, and Javier Garcia that aims to contribute to the construction of the metaverse ecosystem at an international level while continuing to work with the leading brands in the market.

On the one side, I focus on directing the “Metaverse Full Mastery” and “Metaverse Business Certificate” courses, two pioneer, flagship degrees granted by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, but also teaching, training, designing courses, bootcamps, masterclasses and other innovative learning experiences on various key areas related to the metaverse ecosystem. On the other side, and within the product and agency departments at Utopia Voyagers, I coordinate live performance and entertainment activities for the metaverse, by prototyping and developing experiences, workflows, and services using immersive media, motion capture, virtual production, and other related technologies.


My professional experience in the fields of research, education, and cultural and creative industries leads me to regularly act as a senior consultant, creative and business mentor, educator, and keynote speaker in areas such as immersive media and all things "metaversical", innovation in education, digital and performing arts, and entertainment.


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Utopia Voyagers

​Mini Parc, Calle de la Caléndula, 95, Edificio Ñ, 28109 Madrid, Spain

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