"No meu tempo de rapaz havia tão poucas máquinas fotográficas que até se sabia quem as tinha. Eu tive uma emprestada. E foi com ela que, muito cedo, comecei a interessar-me pela fotografia (...) A partir daí a minha objectiva jamais se contentou com os retratos do ganha pão. E tudo me tem servido: paisagem, flores, animais, estações do ano e do homem."

António Reis Baía (1986) - Excerto de texto inédito escrito pelo fotógrafo para o catálogo de uma exposição dos seus trabalhos,"30 anos de revelação", que decorreu no Salão Nobre da Casa do Douro entre 11 e 17 de Agosto de 1986. Infelizmente, foi a última.

[In my boyhood, there were so few cameras that everyone knew who had them. I had a borrowed one. And it was with it that, very early on, I started to become interested in photography (...) From then on, my lens was never satisfied with the bread and butter portraits. And everything has served me: landscapes, flowers, animals, and the seasons of the year and of man.] 

[António Reis Baía (1986) - Excerpt from the original text written by the photographer for the catalog of an exhibition of his works, "30 years of revelation", which took place in the Salão Nobre of Casa do Douro between 11 and 17 August 1986. Unfortunately, it was the last].

The old bridge in Régua (Reis, Baía,1951

A velha ponte [The old bridge] - António Reis Baía (1952)

Much like my grandfather, who through the lens of his old cameras found the beauty in the mundane, I too seek to find the unexpected beauty in the intersection of diverse worlds. From combining an objective scientific mindset with artistic and creative practices involving theatre, performance, and other art forms, to making use of technologies like virtual reality and other emergent technologies and tools to generate an impact on society, to uncovering new theoretical and practical paths within media and communication, or by testing new approaches to innovation in education or science communication, "everything has served me". As a researcher, educator, and artist, that is my goal: to bring down boundaries and encourage disciplines to learn from each other. To find creative solutions through imaginative interdisciplinary collaboration.