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As an innovation strategist, researcher, university professor, and interdisciplinary artist, I am deeply committed to leveraging creative, critical, and human-centered approaches to transcend traditional boundaries and create a meaningful impact on society. My academic background includes a BA in International Relations with a focus on Diplomacy and International Negotiation, alongside a Professional Acting Diploma, a Certificate in Business Internationalization, an MA in Communication Sciences majoring in Science, Culture, and Heritage, and a practice-based Ph.D. in Digital Media specializing in Industry, Publics, and Markets. My doctoral research, a collaborative effort with the University of Porto and Stanford University, concentrated on virtual reality and creative processes.

Currently leading as the Head of Research, Development, and Innovation at Asterius VC in Madrid, I drive the company's innovative agendas, managing R&D initiatives, and cultivating a culture that prioritizes continuous learning and improvement. My responsibilities include propelling the organization forward with groundbreaking solutions and forging strategic partnerships, all while enhancing Asterius VC's international standing by representing the firm at pivotal national and international events and establishing significant collaborative efforts.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I serve as an Invited Assistant Professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and as an integrated researcher at the Innovation on Digital Media research lab at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. I also direct and lecture courses at the Multiverse Institute for Arts & Technology (MIAT) in Milan and contribute as a creative researcher to the internationally acclaimed XR theatre collective, The Ferryman Collective. In my role at the university, I take the lead in developing, implementing, and teaching advanced learning programs and conducting pioneering research in areas such as Entrepreneurship, Business Innovation, Education Innovation, Creativity, Arts, Emergent and Interactive Media, Communication, and XR (Extended Realities).


Furthermore, my artistic endeavors, encompassing over a decade in arts and cultural curation and production, professional acting, as well as jazz and contemporary music, have culminated in a rich creative portfolio that intersects emergent and interactive media, performing arts, experimental music and film, and art installations.


My career has also seen me assuming executive roles in the digital media, arts, and cultural industries, collaborating with esteemed brands such as Loewe, Nvidia, AMC, Orange, Vodafone, Telefonica, and MasterChef. As a senior consultant, instructor, and keynote speaker, I dedicate myself to sharing insights and guiding organizations to innovate and strategize, drawing upon my extensive interdisciplinary expertise.


My commitment to the advancement of immersive media, arts and science communication was recognized with a Seal of Excellence from the MSCA Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2021. As a regular contributor to academic discourse, I serve as both Director and Editor-in-Chief of the academic journal Cinema & Territory and sit on the editorial board of Media Practice and Education, a Q1 scientific journal published by Taylor and Francis. My journey is one of relentless pursuit of knowledge, creativity, and innovation, aiming to break down barriers and foster imaginative, interdisciplinary collaboration.


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